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ChromaTalk Archives: February 2014

Chroma for sale

Cal Lockard [21030691]

$4000 to list members.

It has the CC+ and SPSU upgrades, and boots every time without errors. It is in excellent condition. Cabinet refinishing started by previous owner, but still needs clear topcoat. If anyone here has further interest, I can provide pictures, etc. 21030864 on rear plate, 21030293 written inside.

In Maryland


Cal Lockard

Chroma Parts on Ebay

Michael McInnis [21030027]

If anyone is wondering, the power supply & roms on Ebay being sold be "Darkboneus" are from my Chroma 21030027.

I gifted them to my tech at New England Analog after upgrading to the CC+ & new power supply.



Pictures from the auction:



Chroma and Expander case dimensions

Jeff Bova [21030407++]


Does any one have the dimensions of the Chroma and Expander flight cases?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Bova

Chris Ryan [21030691]

See Performance Manual: Specifications, which includes a link to a post with case dimensions.