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Chroma 21030552 For Sale

Dave Blees [21030552]

Sold in June 2012.

Restored and upgraded Rhodes Chroma model 2103 synthesizer.

This is a one-owner unit, serial #21030552, purchased originally new with an Apple ][+ and Chroma I/O board at Roger Dodger Music in Minneapolis in 1982. A Syntech MIDI interface was installed soon thereafter. It saw moderate road use and considerable studio use during the 80's and early 90's, and was the Chroma used for development of the GenEdit Chroma program editor and librarian for the Atari ST. Periodic service and repairs were always performed by the expert certified Chroma techs at The Good Guys in St. Paul, MN. It was stored long-term beginning in 1994, where it suffered the "case foam rot" that has been an unfortunately typical issue for this vintage model. The wood bits were rendered irrecoverable due to the severe rot coupled with previous wear.

A decision to replicate and replace the bad wood was simplified when new and upgraded electronic components became available, thus the upgrades now include:

This machine is now in excellent condition, with its one and only real noticeable flaw being a rather small nick against the center strip on the front panel that is probably unrepairable without replacing the whole panel (see pictures below). Additionally, two MIDI jacks from the previous Syntech installation have been left in place to avoid leaving empty holes, but are disconnected and non-functional (see photos); the slider pots are a bit stiff, but quiet; no battery leakage ever occurred inside this unit (battery voltage/memory has been maintained throughout storage periods); 6 1/8" fan mounting holes have been drilled around the right-hand vent slots, but no fan is present; Stick-on lettering was once applied near some of the 1-50 buttons to indicate the Syntech functions and 'SetSplit' editing functions - although somewhat worn, they'll be left in place, since they may still be handy for the CC+ user, and could be easily removed if so desired (see photos).

All accessories that were originally included with the stock unit are present and in good condition:

*The Dual Footswitch Assembly was broken and repaired many times during its life, so no attempt has been made to restore its original internal components. It is now completely functional and looks okay externally, but the switches are entirely non-stock (see photos).

**The original program cassette and interface cord have not been tested recently, as no suitable cassette recorder has been readily available. However, the cassette interface was used for program saving and loading a total of probably once, so chances are the original equipment is as viable as possible.

***The Anvil® Road Case originally included as standard equipment has been refurbished and internally foamed afresh.

Also included is the CC+'s MIDI connection cable, the Chroma Service Manual in its original brown 3-ring "RHODES CHROMA" binder, the Chroma (Apple ][) Computer Interface Manual, and the original if somewhat worn Patch Parameter Wall Chart.

Additionally, I will include the following items as optional spare parts at no extra charge, should the buyer want them. These are all fully functional as of last testing (Apr 2012):

This beautiful keyboard looks nearly new and plays like a dream. The upgraded electronic components make it a ready-to-play machine for the 21st century, and the lovely Ipé wood accents are a step up from the original, making it truly one-of-a-kind.