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Technical Service Bulletin SN2-003

Stolen Chroma!

September 28, 1982

In late September, Chroma Model Number 2103, Serial Number 0127 was stolen from David L. Abell, Inc., Los Angeles, CA. The Chroma was taken without a case or accessories. As you likely know, the serial number is stamped on a label affixed to the rear panel of the power supply with the model and serial numbers joined. The stolen Chroma serial number would reflect the number 21030127. This number is also written inside, usually between the Channel Mother Board and the right end block. The Chroma is reported to have tuning variations which may require service, so if you are asked to service a unit with no Anvil case or with no serial number label take a close look inside. Contact our service department if you suspect a stolen Chroma. Direct anyone inquiring about pedals, cables, manuals or cases to us as well.

Bill Thomas
Rhodes Chroma National Service Manager