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Expander Performance Manual

This is a fairly obscure piece of documentation that, for me (Chris [21030691]) at least, came to light only a dozen years after the site began. Many thanks to Eric W. Mattei [16330105+] who brought the manual to my attention, transcribed his copy, and helped put this section together. The original manual had no graphics, and those included in this section have been adapted from the (Chroma) Performance Manual.

This manual was shipped with at least some—but apparently not all—Expanders (models 1631 and 1633). The copy we transcribed was bound in plastic rings like the Programming Manual with a gray cardboard cover and a typewritten title page:

The back panel and right hand control panel of the Chroma and the Expander are identical. So it's not surprising that many parts of this manual are the same as corresponding parts of the Chroma Performance Manual. The left hand control panel of the Expander differs from the Chroma in the following ways:

The following sections contain notable Expander-specific information:




Performance Controls

Uses of the Expander


Cassette Interface

Alternate Audio Hookups