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Photo Gallery

This page collects some of the best and most interesting photos of the Chroma gathered via the site and mailing list over the years.

Chris Ryan's Chroma [21030691]

When Mark Vail (Vintage Synthesizers) asked for a good shot of a Chroma for a Keyboard magazine article, I enlisted my friend Oli Gardner. Oli took a number of shots of my Chroma outdoors on the evening of August 2, 2005.

This one was used in the October 2005 Keyboard magazine article:

Useless trivia: I set the program number on the Chroma to 22 for the session, to correspond to the instrument's age.

(Photos are ©2005, Oli Gardner. Used by permission.)

Product Brochure

This is still one of the best photos of the Chroma, as it is one of the only ones taken professionally in studio conditions.

Chroma and Expander

Another apparently "official" shot, judging by the quality, whose source is obscure. It appears in Synthesizer Von Gestern.

Ron Joseph's Zebrawood Chroma [21030042]

John Leimseider of Cantos Music Foundation repaired Ron Joseph's Chroma in the spring of 2005, and one of the piano techs refurbished the case with solid zebrawood!

Andi Beit's Red or "Halloween" Chroma [21030620]

A very rare unit—see Chroma Panel Colour Themes.

ARP Chroma

This appears to be a full version of the photo from ARPeggio magazine, which included an announcement of the Chroma in June 1980, two years before its release by CBS/Fender. Note the lack of wood finish.

eBay 921407914

One of the better recent photos of an Expander, for sale on eBay in November 2002.

(Photo is ©2002, Jason Creek. Used by permission.)

Foam Rot [21010284]

A picture of Olli's Chroma before cleaning is one of the most detailed photos of the common "foam rot" problem which occurs when the Anvil case foam deteriorates and sticks to the wooden finish of the Chroma.

There is another good picture of a Chroma with foam rot on Michael Zacherl's page dedicated to his Chroma [21030253].

CPU Plus (CC+)

A photo of David Clarke's [21030085++] and Sandro Sfregola's [21010294] CPU Plus expansion board.

Syntech MIDI Retrofit

An excellent photo of the standard MIDI box in full Syntech livery (now usually known as Chroma Cult or KMX) by Jack Colburne [21030390].

Have some high quality pictures suitable for this page? Send them in.