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Section 0

Interface Manual: Appendix E - Command Listing

This section provides a brief listing of the form of each command. A superscript denotes a byte count. For greater detail, refer to section 3, Command Descriptions.

Name Command bytes Response bytes
No Operation 00  
Identification 01 01 device revision
Read Program 02 prog 02 data59
Write Program 03 prog data59  
Load Packet 04 04 n datan
Save Packet 05 n datan 05 result
Read Parameter 06 prog param 06 value
Write Parameter 07 prog param value  
Panel Switch Off 08 08
Panel Switch On 09 09
Performance Switch Off 0A 0A
Performance Switch On 0B 0B
Peek 0C addr2 0C n datan
Peek Two Bytes 0D addr2 0D data2
Poke 0E addr2 n datan  
Poke Two Bytes 0F addr2 data2  
Tap Panel 10  
Unlock 11 00 FF  
Tape Space 12 12 result
Restore 13 08 0A 14
Pressure Switch Off 14 14
Pressure Switch On 15 15
Pressure 68+i key pressure  
Information 70+i 70+i boards 0 0 0
Volume 78+i volume  
Lever 1 80+i position  
Lever 2 88+i position  
Pedal 1 90+i position  
Pedal 2 98+i position  
Footswitch 1 Down A0+i  
Footswitch 1 Up A8+i  
Footswitch 2 Down B0+i  
Footswitch 2 Up B8+i  
Define C0+i prog l1 12 p1 p2 vol fsw  
Undefine C8+1  
Attack D0+i key velocity pressure  
Release D8+i key velocity  
Set Parameter E0+i param value  
Status E8+i E8+i prog l1 12 p1 p2 vol fsw
Squelch F0+i key