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Polaris Advertisements

Some promotional material for the Chroma Polaris.


The following images were sent to me by Paul Hackett-Evans [21010094]. Click for larger images.

Pre-Production Ad

This scan was found on the Web some years ago (circa 2000). It was on a Japanese page; the author was e-mailed but did not reply. The page is long gone. The ad shows an "orange Polaris" production prototype. Click the image for a larger view.

The following seems to be the first page of the ad above; thanks to Carl Schmidt for the scan.

Another Early Ad

Found at the same site as the previous ad. This one again sports the production prototype colours (similar to the red or "Halloween Chroma" scheme). Note the Triad logo at bottom right.

Other Ads

This ad seems to have been the left half of a full-page spread; in February 2014 a copy was sold on eBay. Here's a picture from that auction:

Any additional material welcome; please contact me.