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Polaris Service Manual

This section contains the entire Fender Chroma Service Manual complete with large format Schematics, PC Layouts and Drawings in PDF format.

The Computer Tutorial may be useful as an introduction to the state of the art in the mid-1980s. Circuit Descriptions provides an overview of the main board, control panels, power supply, and output board. Disassembly covers just that; Diagnostics and Adjustments and Checkout should be useful for those who are repairing their Polaris keyboard. Options deals with memory and EPROM upgrades; the Parts List "outlines most parts needed to service the Polaris."

Thanks to Steve Grom [21030502] for supplying a copy of the manual.


Section 1: System Overview

Section 2: Computer Tutorial

Section 3: Circuit Descriptions

Section 4: Disassembly

Section 5: Diagnostics

Section 6: Adjustments and Checkout

Section 7: Options

Section 8: Parts List

Section 9: Schematics, PC Layouts and Drawings