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Polaris Service Manual: Schematics, PC Layouts and Drawings

Polaris owners: if you find the PDF files below to be useful, consider making a small donation to the site. I had the schematics professionally scanned. — Chris

Large Format Schematics

Click the thumbnails for high resolution PDF versions.

Main Board Layout (Early Version)

Main Board Layout (Late Version)

Computer, Memory, Data & Panel Buffers, Battery Back-Up

Interface, Timer, Keyboard & Channel Control, Misc.

A/D, D/A, S & H Control, Noise Generator

Synthesizer Channel

Control Panel Left Layout

Control Panel Left Schematic

Control Panel Right Layout

Control Panel Right Schematic

Keyboard Schematic

Primary Board/Secondary Board Layout (Early Version)

Power Supply Schematic (Early Version)

Secondary Board Layout (Late Version)

Power Supply Schematic (Late Version)

Output Board Layout

Output Board Schematic

Interconnection Diagram

Left Membrane Switch Matrix - J8A/B

Membrane Switches Matrix Intersection


Stop J8B-2 (SW0) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)
Record J8B-3 (SW1) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)
Play J8B-3 (SW1) AND J8A-3 (SWSTB1)
Lower Function J8B-3 (SW1) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)


Link Upper J8B-2 (SW0) AND J8A-3 (SWSTB1)
Link Unison J8B-4 (SW2) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)
Link Lower J8B-4 (SW2) AND J8A-3 (SWSTB1)
Kybd Range J8B-4 (SW2) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)


Volume/Tune J8B-2 (SW0) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)

Oscillator 1

Ring Mod J8B-5 (SW3) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)
Swp PWM/Env PWM J8B-6 (SW4) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)
Saws/Pulse J8B-6 (SW4) AND J8A-3 (SWSTB1)
Transpose J8B-6 (SW4) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)

Oscillator 2

Sync J8B-5 (SW3) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB1)
Swp PWM/Env PWM J8B-7 (SW5) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)
Saws/Pulse J8B-7 (SW5) AND J8A-3 (SWSTB1)
Transpose J8B-7 (SW5) AND J8A-4 (SWSTB2)


Sine/Square J8B-5 (SW3) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)


Noise J8B-8 (SW6) AND J8A-2 (SWSTB0)

Right Membrane Switch Matrix - J9A/B

Membrane Switches Matrix Intersection


Fixed Touch J9B-2 (SW0) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)

Volume Envelope

Fixed Touch J9B-3 (SW1) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)

Assignable Control

Glide J9B-3 (SW1) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
Rate Pedal J9B-2 (SW0) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
Vibrato Pedal J9B-3 (SW1) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
Pitch Pedal J9B-2 (SW0) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
Cutoff Pedal J9B-3 (SW1) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
Volume Pedal J9B-2 (SW0) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB6)
Volume J9B-2 (SW0) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
Mod Lever Range J9B-3 (SW1) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
Bend Lever Range J9B-4 (SW2) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)
Vibrato Delay J9B-5 (SW3) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)
Osc 1 Vibrato J9B-6 (SW4) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)
Osc 2 Vibrato J9B-7 (SW5) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)
Osc 2 Envelope J9B-8 (SW6) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)
Detune J9B-9 (SW7) AND J9A-2 (SWSTB3)

Bank Select/Program Select

Upper Function J9B-4 (SW2) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
A J9B-5 (SW3) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
B J9B-6 (SW4) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
C J9B-7 (SW5) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
D J9B-8 (SW6) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
E J9B-9 (SW7) AND J9A-3 (SWSTB4)
F J9B-4 (SW2) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
G J9B-5 (SW3) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
H J9B-6 (SW4) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
I J9B-7 (SW5) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
J J9B-7 (SW6) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
K J9B-9 (SW7) AND J9A-4 (SWSTB5)
1 J9B-4 (SW2) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
2 J9B-5 (SW3) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
3 J9B-6 (SW4) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
4 J9B-7 (SW5) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
5 J9B-8 (SW6) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
6 J9B-9 (SW7) AND J9A-5 (SWSTB6)
7 J9B-4 (SW2) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
8 J9B-6 (SW3) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
9 J9B-6 (SW4) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
10 J9B-7 (SW5) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
11 J9B-8 (SW6) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)
12 J9B-9 (SW7) AND J9A-6 (SWSTB7)

Parallel Interface Cable

Interface Cable Schematic