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Price History: Retail Prices

This page compiles "official" and other price lists for the Chroma.


This document, received from Eric Mattei [21030443+], is in an odd format (roughly 2.3:1), and is identified as "Form #34-0104."


The following scan is apparently of a price booklet; the values, if I recall correctly, were obscured by an eBay seller. This seems very similar in format to one of the Canadian price lists below.



This is a scan of a photocopy I received from the dealer when I bought my Chroma [21030691] in 1983:


The following is a scan of a price list from Tartini Musical Imports, the company which distributed Chroma products in Canada. Thanks to Jean Giroux [21030280] for this. Interestingly this differs from the retail price in the previous list, and is certainly far more than I paid—though I bought my Chroma more than a year after the date on this list.



Erik Vellinga [21010286] sent me this ad circa 2002; it appears to be from the Dirk Witte Music Store in Amsterdam.