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Service Policy Guide

Thanks to Steve Grom [21030502+] for this information.

1. Rhodes Chroma Limited Warranty

1.1 Warranty Period

Rhodes Chroma synthesizers are warranted to the original purchaser only against defects in materials or workmanship for one full year from date of purchase.

1.2 Limitations

The warranty becomes void if the serial number is defaced or removed, or the product has been damaged by alteration, misuse, accident or neglect. Any warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS implied by law is limited to the duration of this express limited warranty. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to State.

1.3 Shipping Costs

In case of defect, repairs will be made without charge when the synthesizer is properly packed and shipped to the nearest Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service Center. The customer is responsible for transporting the unit to and from the Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service Center.

1.4 Proof of Warranty

The party requesting warranty service must provide proof of the purchase date of the instrument. Either the warranty card or the original sales slip is acceptable. If both have been misplaced, and the customer indicates he has registered his warranty, call the Rhodes Chroma service Department (617 938-1610, at the customer's expense) to verify that the unit is in warranty.

1.5 Modifications of the Instrument

Any unauthorized modifications to a Rhodes Chroma product voids the warranty. Modification kits provided by Fender/Rogers/Rhodes will be covered under existing warranties (or 30 days from date of installation for units out of warranty) only if installed by an Authorized Service Center.

1.6 Physical Damage and Maintenance

Broken slidepots, tabs, handles. etc., and other damage which is obviously the result of improper handling, are not covered under warranty. Dirty switches, keyboard contacts, slidepots, and tunings are not warranty repairs.

2. Dealer Warranty

2.1 Dealer Stock Warranty

Units in Dealer's stock are warranted (excluding mechanical failures, broken slidepots, switches, tunings, etc.) for a period of one year from date of shipment. See Section 1 for terms of the warranty.

2.2 Shipping Costs

The Rhodes Chroma Service Department will reimburse shipping charges one way to the nearest Authorized Service Center for units that fail within the one-year warranty period. The unit should be returned to the dealer by the same method as it is received, i.e. if prepaid, return the unit prepaid. Attach a receipt for shipmant charges when submitting the warranty claim.

2.3 Acceptable Proof of Shipping Date

The Rhodes Chroma invoice number to the dealer must be included in any Warranty Reimbursement claim for repairs to units owned by dealers. If this information is not available, call the Rhodes Chroma Service Center (617 938-1610, at the expense of the dealer) to verify shipment date.

2.4 Damage Upon Receipt

Fender/Rogers/Rhodes shares no responsibility for damage sustained by the shipper or his affiliates. The dealer should contact the shipper for proper claims procedures in the event of shipping damage.

3. Authorized Service Centers

3.1 Who is a Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service Center?

A Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service center is a Rhodes Chroma Dealer or Independent Service Company trained by the Rhodes Chroma Service Department to perform repairs on the Rhodes Chroma. Only Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service Centers may perform warranty repairs and receive reimbursement for their services.

3.2 What are the Prerequisites to Becoming Authorized?

  1. Test Equipment: The minimum test equipment necessary to service Rhodes Chroma products are:
    1. D.C. oscilloscope (10MHZ bandwidth)
    2. Digital voltmeter (3 1/2 digit)
  2. Parts Inventory: Rhodes Chroma has developed a spare parts kit which contains the parts most likely to fail. Write or call the Factory Service Department for the latest prices. Additional parts may be ordered from the Rhodes Chroma Service Department as needed.
  3. Credit: Rhodes Chroma requires our service centers to establish an open account. Approved accounts receive Net 30 Day terms.
  4. Training Program: Rhodes Chroma requires attendance at a training seminar to attain certification. This course relates technical information necessary to maintain Rhodes Chroma products. As new products are announced, additional training will be required to maintain certification.

3.3 Where and When are the Rhodes Chroma Service Seminars Held?

Rhodes Chroma Service Seminars are held at the Rhodes Chroma Service Department and in various locations throughout the country. Call or write the service center for the latest schedule and registration forms.

3.4 Service Documentation

Each service Center, upon certification, will receive at no cost all new service manuals, field change notices and service notes. Each Service Center w1ll be listed on a national service center list which is published to all dealers and customers. This listing is divided into two categories: 1) Limited Service Center; service centers wbich will only perform warranty repairs for their own customers, 2) Unlimited Service Center; service centers which will perform repairs to any unit, regardless of place of purchase. Service Centers must specify in which category they wish to be listed.

4. Warranty Reimbursement Policy

Rhodes Chroma will reimburse labor at the rate of $22.00 per hour for units under warranty. Rhodes Chroma reserves the right to reject any claim it considers excessive. check tbe Rho4ea Chroma Warranty Policy (Section 1), if there is any question of warranty status. NOTE: All claims for warranty reimbursement must be submitted on the Warranty Reimbursement Form within 90 days of the repair.

4.2 Warranty Reimbursement: Parts

Defective parts removed from units in warranty should be listed on the Rhodes Chroma Warranty Reimbursement Form and returned to the Service Department with the form. If the parts are sent under separate cover, indicate the serial number of the unit from which the parts were removed and the Warranty Reimbursement Form Number. Upon receipt of the defective parts the Warranty Reimbursement Form, the Rhodes Chroma Service Department will automatically send replacement parts or credit tbe service center's account. PARTS WILL BE REPLACED OR CREDITED ONLY UPON RECEIPT OF TBE DEFECTIVE COMPONENTS.

4.3 Parts Orders

Parts orders may be mailed or telephoned to the Factory (at the service center's expense). Parts orders will be billed to the service center's account. No collect calls will be accepted by the Rhodes Chroma Service Department for parts orders.

4.4 Miscellaneous Expenses

Rhodes Chroma does not reimbrse for miscellaneous expenses such as postage, travel, telephone, shop supplies, etc.

4.5 Technical Assistance

The Rhodes Chroma Service Department provides a staff of technical support personnel for your assistance in repairing Rhodes Chroma products. A telephone call to the Rhodes Chroma Service Department will place this service at your disposal. (617 938-1610, specify technical question for service.)

5. Returning Units to the Rhodes Chroma Service Department

5.1 Procedure

Any instrument to be returned to the Service Department (for any reason) must have a returned authorization (RA) number on the shipping label. To obtain an RA number, write or telephone the Rhodes Chroma Service Department with the following information:

  1. Model number
  2. Serial number
  3. Name of Compmany
  4. Reason for return
  5. Expected date of shipment

Instruments returned to the Service Department without RA numbers may be subject to delays in processing. COLLECT SHIPMENTS WILL BE REFUSED.

6. The Warranty Reimbursement Form

6.1 Obtaining the Warranty Reimbursement Form

Any Rhodes Chroma Authorized Service Center may order quantities of the Warranty Reimbursement Forms. Call or write the Factory and a block will be sent.

6.2 How to Fill Out the Warranty Reimbursement Form

A sample copy of the Warranty Reimbursement Form is on the following page. Be sure to fill out ALL of the indicated areas to insure quick approval of the warranty claim.

Copy Routing

When the Warranty Reimbursement Form has been completed, remove only the gold (last) copy and send all other copies with the defective parts to:

WOBURN, MA 01801