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A number of people have contributed financially since I began accepting donations. Thanks to the following for helping to keep the site going:

Many people have written and shared information during the years this site has been up. It would be almost impossible to compile a complete and definitive list. Contributors are noted inline throughout the site. I wanted to give credit here to those who have contributed original material and sent copies of significant historical information. Apologies to anyone I have missed.

David Clarke [21030085++] has been the most consistent and prolific contributor of articles and information, and to the mailing list. There's so much that he has provided that a list would warrant a page of its own; you can see them noted throughout. His major contributions include:

The site would be significantly poorer without his contributions and participation. Special thanks to Dave for keeping things going, and for taking the time to review early versions of the 3.0 site through the fall of 2004.

Sandro Sfregola [21010294] has, in addition to the CPU Plus collaboration with David, contributed the articles Expansion Board and New Firmware, and How to swap the original power supply with a readily available switching unit.

Many thanks to Christopher Now for providing a copy of the Apple II/Rhodes Chroma Interface article from Keyboard; a couple of service bulletins I was missing; the warranty form; the January 1987 Chroma Cult mailing; and pictures of the JLCooper ChromaFace and Syntech/Chroma Cult box.

Thanks to Martin Straw [21010093+] for supplying a huge amount of technical information, which will appear on the site over time. The first are Hardware Fault Diagnosis & Repair; Use of the Pressure Sensor, How to Load Patches from Cassette Tape, and Chroma to Chroma Interface Lead.

Steve Grom [21030502] for a treasure trove of information, including the Polaris Service Manual, Replacement Parts, and the Service Policy Guide. More to come.

Ken Ypparila [21030229] for the Fender registration list which is the basis for many of the entries in the Instrument Registry, and for the Syntech Schematics and Source Code.

Eric W. Mattei [21030443+] for transcribing the Expander Performance Manual.

Ernst Eimer [21010299] for his patches and for information on the Kirschning Atari editor. Jim and Vincent Russo [21030433] for their patches. Olli [21010284] for Programming Manual and Service Manual PDFs; David Gowin [21030611] for the Interface Manual PDF. Sandro Traversi [21010217] for the Excel version of the parameter chart. Jesper Ödemark [21010135] for pictures and information on the EES MIDI kit. Dave Blees [21030552] for information on his GenEdit ST Chroma Editor. Jack Colburne [21030142] for his excellent photos of the Syntech MIDI kit. Ray Hannisian [21030829] for the ChromaGraph manual. Eric W. Mattei [21030443+] for high resolution scans of the product brochure, and the U.S. suggested price list (see Price History). Walt Whitney for putting his patches into the public domain. Don Tillman for the ARP logo.

Marco Rosano [21010197] for Analog Bach and the Maas-Lupp patches.

Mark Vail for the ARPeggio magazine ad. Matthias Becker for permission to make available the Chroma tracks from Synthesizer von Gestern.

Oli Gardner for his amazing photos of my Chroma, and for help and advice with PHP.

Thanks to the late Philip Dodds and to Tony Williams for participating in the interview and answering so many questions.

Keyboard Magazine (Keyboard Report, The Synth That Survived ARP's Fall, The Rise and Fall of ARP, Apple II Interface), Peter Forrest (A-Z of Analogue), Julian Colbeck (Keyfax), Martin Newcomb (Museum of Synthesizer Technology), International Musician (Synth Check), PAIA (Fender's Triad Interface), and Future Publishing (E&MM keyboard and sequencer reviews), for article reprint rights. Kenton Electronics for providing their Self-Install MIDI Kit documentation. Gene Stopp for his notes on the Chroma VCO. Arcprint for a deal on scans of the Polaris Service Manual schematics. The Vancouver Public Library for their efforts in obtaining inter-library loans of Electronics & Music Maker all the way from the UK.

Ron Bertoncini for help with XHTML/CSS.

Site v3.0 beta testers: Don Tillman, Vincent Russo [21030433], Murray Macdonald [21030276+], Paul Hackett-Evans [21010094], Edwin van der Heide [21010103], Åke Danielson [21010068], Jesper Ödemark [21010135].

And to all the members of the ChromaTalk list over the years, whose posts have contributed greatly to the value of the site, and made it far more than I could have hoped or imagined when I started this whole thing back in 1999.