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Windows Editors & Librarians

Please let me know if you know of any additional software, or have any experience with sysex software on Windows and I will include it here.

Flowstone VST Plugin

K Brown Synth Plugins

Kevin Brown writes, "Here’s a Flowstone (Windows only) plugin I just finished based on the Chroma. Rather than fixed, selectable ‘Patches’, it has virtual patch cables to reconnect the sections. It has ARP-style sliders and uses a panel layout based on the Odyssey, but with Chroma color scheme. It doesn’t include the layering, splitting, arp or sequencer functions as most of that can be done within most DAWs." [January 2020] Note: this is a 32-bit plugin.


Åke Danielson [21010068]

An Edit Panel for Cubase SX3 (should also work in version 4) for editing the Chroma directly from Cubase. Requires a CC+ with at least firmwawre version version 210. Use it to change the parameters dynamically during songs or as an editor to build sounds from scratch.

Åke has confirmed that this works on the Mac version of Cubase.


Emagic [now Apple]

A universal editor/librarian. Malte Rogacki [21010091], who wrote the adaptation (editor module), writes, "The Chroma adaptation was the first one I did for SoundDiver; the librarian functions are all there, but editing is not really 'streamlined.' The problem is, SoundDiver doesn't support the Controller format the Chroma uses (if I remember correctly it had something to do with starting with a controller value of 64 instead of 0). So I have to dump the edit buffer for each edit. Still, it has a nice graphical interface." [February 1999]

Shortly after Apple acquired Emagic in 2002, Windows software was dropped from the product line. If you are looking for this application, auction sites may be the best bet.

Adaptations for the Chroma and Polaris, which are cross-platform, are available from Mac OS X Editors & Librarians.

MIDI Quest

Sound Quest ·

Michael Lambie <> of Sound Quest writes, "We now have librarian support for the Fender/Rhodes Chroma. This includes bank and patch storage and bank editing. We do not have patch editing at this time. While we do have a Mac version of Midi Quest, it does not support the Chroma at this time. We will offer support with the next Macintosh version upgrade." [February 1999] They still offer an unsupported, user-created Chroma librarian module for their Windows version, (currently at version 9). [January 2004]

Windows Interface for Chroma

Mark R. David

See main article, A Windows Interface for the Rhodes Chroma.

Mark David did a substantial amount of work on his hardware/software project and kept the ChromaTalk list up to date on his progress through 2000 and 2001. See the following posts: