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Behringer BCR2000 Projects

Many users have wanted a way to control the Chroma's parameters by individual knobs versus the single data slider that the Chroma cames with. The BCR2000 is a general purpose USB/MIDI Controller with 32 Illuminated Rotary Encoders that can be adapted to provide an effective editing capability for the Chroma and Chroma Expander.


It is recognized that there aren't sufficient knobs on a single BCR2000 to handle all of the Chroma's parameters – but the first row of 8 knobs are programmable across 4 different groups. By pressing a button, you can select different meanings for those 8 knobs. That means you can get 32 different knob uses from those 8 knobs and 4 buttons.

At the bottom of the BCR2000 there are 24 single function knobs – meaning for a given preset on the BCR2000 you can have 32 + 24 = 56 knobs. This can easily cover all of the "A" or "B" parameters available in a Rhodes Chroma/Expander.

By having one preset for "A" parameters and one preset for "B" parameters, the full controls of the Chroma can be handled. BCR2000 units can also be “chained” so if you didn’t want to have a preset for A and another for B, you could actually have one BCR2000 dedicated for A parameters and another for the B parameters. This isn’t a unrealistic choice, given that it is not uncommon to find second hand BCR2000 units sometimes selling for $100 or less.

This section contains pages on setting up the BCR2000 for use with the Chroma, by David Clarke [21030085++]; and Chromatrol by Matt Thomas [21010021], custom trim for the unit including Photoshop templates.