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Mackie Control C4 Template

By James Coplin [16330036+] <>

I've put together a Mackie C4 instrument and layout template for the CPU Plus (CC+) MIDI interface. It might work with the Chroma Cult (Syntech) interface as well but I don't have any way to test it. There is a commercial template available from Michael R [21030869] [no longer available as of June 2011] but mine is not based on his. Mine is also completely free – my way of paying back the community a little.

There are two files, the c4i file is the XML instrument definition. It contains all the sysex strings, masks, etc. The c4l file contains the actual layout for the controls, labels, etc. for the C4. With the C4i, if someone wants a different layout, they can easily make a new c4l file (C4 users will know).

The following screen shots are in "channel strip" mode, which shows the values and settings of the parameters. If the C4 is in this mode, the lower row of text will instead just display the module effected by the parameter such as "VCAa", "LFOa", etc. The editor is much more useful in the "channel strip" mode since you can see the values. Also, while it should be self evident, the screens are generally laid out with the A section on the left and the B section on the right. Normally, the mod sources and amounts are stacked with the source on top and the amount on the knob directly below. They are labeled so this should be clear. I've tried to keep the labels consistent with the Chroma but I have made some changes, calling the Filter VCF and the Sweep LFO for example as I think more people are more familiar with this than the terminology used on the Chroma.

Envelopes 1 and 2

Oscillators and VCA

LFO and Filters

Please contact me with any errors, suggestions, etc.