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Section 0

Chroma Expansion Board: Firmware

by Sandro Sfregola [21010294] <>
with David Clarke [21030085++] <>

The CEB was the precursor of the CPU Plus (CC+), implementing the initial functionality of the CC+ as an add-on rather than a replacement board. The information on these pages is provided for historical interest; there will be no further updates or firmware revisions. See The Chroma CPU Plus (CC+).


The program available here for downloading is in the form of a binary executable of 32 Kbytes. It contains a modified version of the original Chroma firmware Rev.14 plus added code.

The original Chroma firmware remains the property of Fender or whoever might currently own the rights to Chroma products.

The additional code is the property of the authors, Sandro Sfregola and David Clarke. The program cannot be used in whole or in part for commercial purposes nor can it/they can be disassembled and modified for use in other commercial devices.

The firmware is written in Motorola 68B09 Assembler and compiled with AS09 release 1.31.

Thanks to Frank A. Vorstenbosch for his good and freeware AS09 cross assembler.

The current release is Rev. 20.08 (Rev208.bin) of October 25, 2005. It fixes a system exclusive load bug in the previous release.