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Information Wanted

This page details a few things I'd like to find for the site. Any info would be greatly appreciated — please get in touch if you know anything about the items below.

Peter Vettese Video

According to the review in The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers, "CBS are believed to have marketed a 60-minute video featuring Peter Vettese using the Chroma - but no-one I know has ever confessed to seeing it." I'd love to get my hands on this and convert some highlights to MPEG.

Electronics & Music Maker Demo Cassette No. 8

E&MM's review mentions some sounds and performances supplied on a cassette that came with the magazine. When I obtained a copy of the issue through an inter-library loan, the tape was not included. I received permission to post the material, so would like to find a copy.

Rumoured Lost Chroma Site from the Early Web

Early on in the life of this site I received at least one report of a defunct Chroma site called "Chroma Cult." Claes von Heijne [16330008] wrote, "[Tim Godfrey] helped with me the Syntech manual a year ago, mentioned there has been an earlier Chroma site on the net called Chroma Cult. It's gone, I never found it, I just wanted to mention it, maybe info will turn up ... it was not a mixup with the syntech interface and its creator." [1999] I never encountered it; though my first experience with the Web was quite early (circa 1992) and I had pages up by 1994, I probably first did a search for the Chroma some time in 1996, by which time it appears to have disappeared (though search engines weren't then what they are now).

Any information on the author or content — or, better yet, a copy of the site — would be quite interesting.