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Polaris Registry: Model 2123B (Polaris II)

It seems that this model may have been manufactured for the Japanese market. Doug Terrebonne [21030114] writes, "The SN plate says the [Polaris] II is Model 2123B and is a Japanese 100V unit so perhaps they were only sold in Japan." (see Polaris Rev's, ChromaTalk May 2003).


Sold on eBay, February 2013.



Никитин Владимир (Vladimir Nikitin), Russia

"Купил на аукционе Yahoo" (bought on auction, Yahoo). [September 2010]


Joe Rosenthal

Purchased March 1, 2012 at Music Go Round in Woodbury, MN for $500. "I run my own techno vinyl label, Phase Distortion Records, and have just started out making music. I plan on using my Polaris alongside my Roland TB 303 to make hardcore acid music. No gigs as of yet.

"When I picked the synth up in the shop I thought everything was working, it was very clean and appeared to have very low mileage. I got home and discovered some of the buttons on the left panel were non-functional. I did some research and decided I would try and repair the machine myself. When I began the repair work, I discovered the two ribbon cables on the right panel were in great shape so those I left alone. The two from the left panel were damaged, especially the smaller one. I truncated both and reattached them and now the synth is working perfectly. I hope to get some miles out of of the Polaris going forward, but I will likely invest in Paul's panels at some point down the road. Now functioning perfectly, I use it on a regular basis to write and record tracks." [April 2012]



Christopher Fudurich

"Purchased of eBay many years ago possibly in 2002 after I sold a Chroma Polaris 2123 cause this one goes to II. The price was somewhere around $300ish for the sold and the bought one. It's been in great condition everything functions perfectly and is absolutely huge sounding." [September 2013]


Steve White

"I have a Chroma Polaris II. It is a model 2123B." [January 2008]


Michiya Kawai

"Bought in 1987-ish for about $600.00-ish USD at a music store in East Hartford, CT. I was going to buy Kawai K3 or Korg KW6000, but the sales guy urged me to buy Polaris, instead. It was serviced once in early 1990s because of leaky capacitors; that's when someone at the music store dropped something on the unit, chipping a part of the key. It started working weird toward the end of 90's, and around 1999, the unit became unplayable completely. Last year, I found out about the replacement panel switch, which I purchased this year and replaced the old one. Then, I sent the unit to John Leimseider [21030434++] [National Music Centre] in Calgary. He took care of the rest, and this Polaris is resurrected. I am a hobbyist, occasionally gig with friends, but, I will never take my Polaris out as I used to." [August 2013]


Ben Kuris

Purchased on 9/12/05 in Cambridge, MA for $130 as-is w/out auditioning. Repaired right panel ribbon, had to install panel mount pushbutton switches on the left panel due to failed switch contacts. Says 100VAC 50/60Hz 100W on back panel as reported. Repaired mod-wheel spring (someone replaced w/cut hacksaw blade-- pretty smart but it was moving around so I added a bit of foam). Firmware Rev 5. Has updated power supply compared to my original polaris and Headphone ground returns all the way to the power supply board. [September 2005]


Allen M. Abrahams

"I will register my 'Fender Model 2123B Synthasizer Chroma Polaris II S/N 500378 100v~50/60Hz 100w Fender Musical Instrument Made in Japan.' I have followed an old thread in my research of this keyboard. Seems to be a debate over the existence of a Chroma [Polaris] II, but I got one." [October 2004]


Ronnie Hart

"I bought mine used in the mid nineties from a friend thinking I would get around to figuring out synth/piano. I was primarily into guitars. Fast forward twenty years and four kids later I dig this beauty out of the basement. It was used in a Genesis cover band! I started some research and found your site and I am ecstatic! I can get the factory patches (I assume these work in Polaris II as well) and get it back to it's original form." [May 2010]

Anthony Stramaglia

"It was purchased for $1000 and sent to me here in northern New Jersey. The unit is in fair condition. The left side membrane seems to be faulty, but the right side works. The pitch and mod levers don't do much, so they will likely need service or at least just a peek to see if any connectors got dislodged during shipping. I've already gotten in touch with Paul D. to order a new membrane kit. All the patch locations work and seem to load fine.

"The case is in fair shape. A lot of scratches that appear to be painted over with black paint that doesn't match the original color. The bottom of the unit is heavily scratched. The case will likely need to be refinished and restored. The end blocks are actually not bad, a few scrapes and scratches, nothing that can't be refinished as well.

"Other than the membrane panel and pitch/mod levers, the synth sounds fantastic. Super fat and rich, with just a little grit to give it character. The keyboard action is ok, all keys work, just a little clunky sounding. May need to have the bumpers replaced at some point if it has any. Velocity works fine and is generally consistent across the keyboard. I will most likely have it gone over with a fine tooth comb by an professional analog synth technician. I'm thinking Analog Lab in NYC." [November 2014]


Sold on eBay, September 2009. For sale and sold again on eBay, July 2012.


David Bettridge

"I just got (on loan) my hands on a Polaris II. There is a partial price-gun sticker on it that says 'Spectrum Music,' I assume a used music store, probably in New Jersey where my friend is from. He says he's had it for almost 20 years and never played it. Amazingly it all works except the NOISE membrane switch, or maybe it's just the LED. I have no pedals for it yet but most everything else is up and running." [September 2009]



"I paid $550 plus tax ($600 altogether) at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, New York. She came with a nice hard case. Seems to be in good shape. Everything works but it's out of tune and can't figure how to go about it." [April 2012]


Sold on eBay, May 2013.


"Seen on eBay and asked seller for SN. Sold on 1/26/05." Thanks to Doug Terrebonne [21030114] for this information. [January 2005]


Jonathan Fletcher

For sale on eBay, January 2006 (item 7381060435, sold for US$232.50). From the description: "This is a Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris II Model 2123B Serial 500530. There is a nut missing on output jack, there are two dead keys on right side of keyboard. Not sure if this works completely, but that is why I'm selling as is. It does work and sound does come out of it. the Rhodes website has a lot of information about this model." [January 2006]

Ross Thomas

Ross purchased the Polaris from Jonathan. [January 2006]

Mike Jaynes [21030638+]

"Purchased from Ross Thomas in June 2006 non-working, broken keyboard and front panel problems. Used keyboard from ser # 301337 to repair. Repaired membrane switches. Works very well.

"Note: I saw some differences between Polaris I and II not documented elsewhere. Polaris I has very wimpy board mount sliders, Polaris II sliders are much more robust. There where changes to circuitry that appear to be related to the VCA (cuts and jumps on main PCB for each channel), Polaris II is marked as 100V input, but transformer is identical to Polaris I as well as transformer secondary AC input to power supply." [October 2006]


Bob Weigel

"#500439 came in with a load of stuff Paul Haugen bought from the Chicago Music store in Tucson, AZ. We got a ton of stuff including it appears a front panel that might be restoreable! But this machine had all the chips and a good amount of rust under the paint on the panel that I went over today and got looking pretty decent after a paint job. Some lettering damaged but not horrible. Anyway Paul heard mine and will probably want to keep it. No original slider caps. There was also bottom/sides/power supply and a keyboard fortunately because they had reversed the connectors and burned a hole in one of the key contact points in the keyboard! I did a youtube vid on the machine that has everyone trying to get one now. I've had several people tell me that they snagged a polaris after watching that video" [May 2008]

Here is the video:

See also See also 300674, 301039, 301551, 302658.


Spotted on Flickr. [November 2009]


Justin Lewis

"Chroma Polaris II (100v power supply - Japanese market). Kept this one just because it's so rare to see the updated 'II' version panel graphics in the US (don't know about Japan), not that it adds any functions - just the handy 'page 2' function chart in the upper right corner." [January 2011]

See also Polaris 301280. Justin owns or has owned several Chromas, including 21030062 from which the others are linked.


Scott Coiley

"Previous owner: none. Place of purchase: Northern Kingdom Music, Rockport, Maine, USA. Price paid: estimated $600-800 Uses: never gigged. Maintenance: no repairs; no customization. Current condition: near mint; minor cosmetic defects. Other notes: I have the original cardboard box. I have the original manual... somewhere around here. Numerous comments regarding the 100V power supply suggest that the item might have been intended for the Japanese market. However, the back panel of my Chroma has a warning in French. My Chroma MIDI keyboard is used almost exclusively as a velocity-sensitive MIDI controller keyboard for a Roland MIDI sound-module." [August 2007]


Doug Terrebonne [Chroma 21030401]

"Purchased on ebay in 2000." [January 2005] See Polaris Rev's, a discussion with pictures from Doug in ChromaTalk in May 2003. Sold in 2006.