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MS-DOS Editors & Librarians

Two applications are availble for download from this page.

Chroma Editor/Librarian

Tim Godfrey <>

From the readme file (included): "This program is designed to provide a visual editing environment for a Rhodes Chroma synthesizer equipped with a Syntech MIDI interface (which can be identified by the Pr displayed after a Set Split 46). It will run on IBM PC/XT/AT machines with 256K free memory. It runs decently even on an 4.77Mhz PC. It can use CGA, EGA, VGA, or Monochrome video. It supports MPU401 compatible MIDI interfaces, as well as some UART based MIDI cards. (Contact the author for Non-MPU401 options.)"

Thanks to Bill Lacey of Digital Sound and Picture for providing a copy of this editor, and David Clarke [21030085++] for the screen shot.

Tim Godfrey writes, "I wrote it in Turbo Pascal, and it is hard-coded for the MPU401 MIDI interface or custom UART. I looked in to updating it for Windows, but it would be almost a total re-write. As a DOS program, it doesn't even use a mouse - only cursor keys." [June 2010]

DOS Chroma Programmer

James Moyer <> [21030184]

From the readme file (included): "The purpose of this program is to a) Replace the Chroma's 8 character numeric display with a PC monitor displaying all Chroma patch parameters simultanously and in English eliminating the need for the large fold-out parameter sheet; b) Replace the Chroma's cassette interface allowing saving and restoring 50 patch files quickly and reliably on the PC. ... It was written with my requirements in mind and was not intended to be general purpose. Specifically it runs under DOS. Because it directly accesses the hardware Windows will kill it. It works with a genuine Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface on the PC and the Syntech interface on Chroma."

Thanks to the author for this screen shot.