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The Chroma is a beast to program, but the result of the fine control over patch routing and modulation is excellent sound. This section of the site provides patches and software to help get them into your Chroma.

Patches and Utilities

There are hundreds of banks of Chroma patches available here, from a variety of sources. The factory patches (along with names and descriptions) are here, along with banks from Chroma owners past and current; and a few other unknown sources. They are available in Syntech/Chroma Cult sysex (as well as the obsolete but perhaps-still-useful-to-some Opcode Galaxy file format); David Clarke's Format Conversion Tools let you convert from sysex to sound (for the cassette interface) and textual parameter listings.

Editors & Librarians

Over the years there have been a number of software packages with Chroma support. Given the long history of the instrument, it is not surprising to find that these applications have moved from obsolete platforms such as the Apple II and Atari, to the most current versions of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Software is available for patch storage and retrieval, and in some cases, direct editing of Chroma patches. Also, manuals are available for the Opcode Patch Librarian (Mac OS) and ChromaGraph (Apple II).