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Apple II Editors & Librarians

The Apple II was the major personal computer platform when the Chroma was released in 1982.

Fender/Chroma Music System

Tony Williams · CBS/Fender

The original Chroma patch librarian and sequencing software. See Fender/Chroma Music System for a description of the features of this ground-breaking software for the Chroma and Polaris. I bought a copy for my Apple II+; Fender was working on a version for the PC but I'm not sure it was ever finished. See Manuals for a scan of the Sequencer Manual for Rev 5 of the Apple II software.

See also Playing the Rhodes Chroma with the Apple II Sequencer from Electronics & Music Maker magazine, from which the above screen shots are taken.


Kevin Laubach [21030154] · LaBach Software

I have a product sheet on this package from LaBach Software, Tustin, CA (I haven't been able to find a mention of the company on the Web; a search for the author has so far been unsuccessful). It ran on the Apple II with the Fender card. ChromaGraph was a patch editor which cleverly displays the Patch parameter (oscillator, filter, and amplifier routing) graphically in addition to oscillator, filter, amplifier, and global parameter values. See the ChromaGraph Manual for more pictures and information.