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ChromaTalk Archives: February 2000

Parameter Chart PDF File

Chris Ryan [21030691]

I have posted a PDF version of the Chroma parameter chart.

If anyone doesn't already have a copy, it's indispensable for programming the Chroma. Please let me know if you find any errors.

By the way, Electronic Musician selected the Chroma site as its "Web Site of the Month" for February 2000.


Enthusiasts of the vintage Rhodes Chroma programmable analog synthesizer should check out []. The site includes Chroma patch downloads and conversion utilities; a list of manuals and how to get them; and information on parts and service, Chroma patch storage and editing software, and MIDI retrofit kits. You can also learn about the Chroma's history, link to related sites, browse through For Sale and Wanted postings, and connect with the online Chroma community through the site's mailing list. Ryan's site can be easily navigated by means of the cool "Chroma membrane switch" section selectors. EM editor and long-time Chroma Cultist Steve O. highly recommends this site.

Thanks again everyone for your contributions.


Chris Ryan [21030691]

Parameter Chart Corrections

David Clarke pointed out some errors and omissions in the parameter chart PDF; a new version is now on the site.

We also discovered that there is an error in some of the printed parameter charts: parameter 16 (Envelope 1 Decay) incorrectly identifies value 31 as SLOW rather than INFINITE. Dave updated his tape2txt utility (tape2txt.exe and tape2txt.c) to reflect this change.