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ChromaTalk Archives: 2009

Another record number of messages, thanks to a very active December (with 199!). There were over 160 subscribers at year end.

New Parameter Chart

Redesigned by Chris Ryan [21030691] for explicit representation of modulation selections from Pitch, Wave Shape, Cutoff, and Volume to Glide, Sweep, and Envelopes 1 and 2; differentiation of parameters and functions not available in a stock Chroma or Expander (use of grey colour); comprehensive list of Set Split commands, and Syntech, and CPU Plus (CC+) panel parameters; redrawn Patch [1] routings; elimination of heavy black borders around all the parameters; and use of mixed case, which is easier to read than all caps. See New Parameter Chart, March.

Herbie Hancock Videos

Herbie Hancock plays while Quincy Jones looks on. Taken from VHS recording of the 1984 documentary "I love Quincy." The thread Herbie Hancock Youtube video - Chroma sound also includes other videos of Hancock along with list member Jeff Bova [21030407++] live in tokyo at Parco Theatre Shibuya. "You get to see more use of the Chromas than in other videos. All the sounds we are playing with the remote keyboards are Chroma patches."

Pressure Sensor

Various threads and discussions leading up to the introduction of the Pressure Sensor Kit: Introduction and pressure sensor, September-November; Chroma Pressure Sensor Project update, November-December; Pressure Sensor and Rhodes Chroma CPU Plus (CC+), October and December.

Knob Box

This thread from December had 100 messages! Much enthusiasm and discussion about a knob box; at least two projects are underway, by Randel Osborne [21030467] (see for instance sub-thread My Knob Box Update) and Andrew Dalebrook [21010180] (Re: Knob Boxes). Other contributions from David Clarke [21030085++] (see his designs). Not to mention discussion surrounding use of the Behringer BCR-2000, and a whole lot more knob obsession.

Other threads of note: