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ChromaTalk Archives: 2002

There were 172 posts through 2002. Some highlights:

ARP Chroma

A discussion of instruments missing the Rhodes logo and branded with "ARP" on the panel face plate above the keyboard. Some information from Philip Dodds (product manager at ARP and Fender) and Mark Vail which led to discovery of the ARP Chroma Announcement. See Different Back Panel (May).

Balanced Output Transformer Hookup

The circuit board containing the two transformers used to provide the balanced audio output on the Chroma has a 3-pin header row and a 4-pin header row. Unfortunately, the marker to indicate which end of the header is "pin 1" is on the underside of the board, which can lead to some confusion as to how to properly reconnect the wires if they have become disconnected (for instance by raising the panel lid too high). David Clarke [21030085++] provides directions for proper reconnection in Balanced Output Transformer - Hookup Aid (July).

Some other interesting topics of 2003: