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ChromaTalk Archives: 2010

With over 1000 messages posted, this was by far the busiest year on the list to date. This page contains a few highlights, but there were so many interesting and valuable threads that it's worth reviewing the contents for each month.

Pressure Sensor

Joining a growing list of amazing upgrades that have recently become available is this kit by Chris Borman [21030194+]. The Pressure Sensor adds polyphonic keyboard pressure or after touch capabilities to the Chroma (this was a planned upgrade for the instrument during production in the early 1980s, but only a very few retrofits were ever shipped or installed).

See Chroma Pressure Sensor update, January; CPS update, February; CPS Kit update, March; CPS Update, April; Quick and Dirty CPS kit installation instructions and CPS - An experience, June. See also Pressure Sensor Retrofit Kit.

Chroma Enabler

A large 97-knob physical controller for the CPU Plus-equipped Chroma, with a 16x2 display that shows the parameter and value of the last knob. Designed and built by Randel Osborne [21030467]. See Chroma Enabler, February; and Enabler Update, April.

External Alphanumeric Display

The CPU Plus (CC+) now supports an external display for the Rhodes Chroma/Rhodes Chroma Expander, via a firmware release. David Clarke [21030085++] writes, "The hope is that easily understandable parameter data will allow a more fluid programming experience." Lots of discussion in the August thread "The Chroma Now Supports an External Alphanumeric Display."


In the thread Knob Boxes, Matt Thomas [21010021] announced his knob box project, based on a Behringer B-Control. See also Chromatrol, which includes B-Control template preset files and panel graphics.

Other threads:

Troubleshooting threads: