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ChromaTalk Archives: 2007

Membership held steady at approximately 130, and there were over 550 posts. Highlights:


Chromanoff, by Martin Pavlas [21030450], "was designed to provide an intuitive way to edit settings of musical instruments and studio equipment. Originally, it was supposed to be used with Rhodes Chroma synthesizer only. Eventually, the design was changed, and it had become a device with a build-in MIDI interface and a bus that can be used to connect hardware modules for interfacing other equipment. Rhodes Chroma parallel interface is just one of such modules. I took this path as I felt this concept fits my needs when working with older musical instruments." See thread setting up midi control. (April)

Replacment Wood Parts

Wes at Analogics started prodicing cherry (and other hardwood) replacement case parts for Chroma and other synthesizers. See Replacement wood case parts available. (February)

Other threads of note: