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ChromaTalk Archives: 2001

Over 250 messages were posted during this year. A few notable threads:

Halloween Chroma

Andi Beit's Chroma [21030620] has an unusual colour scheme — red, orange, and yellow rather than the normal green and blue. He provides pictures; subscribers speculate on details; and Philip Dodds comments in the August thread Re: Chroma buttons.

Cassette Cable

David Clarke [21030085++] posted in January information on the Chroma cassette cable. The cassette cable is used to transfer sounds to and from the Chroma in audio format from a cassette tape player. This was the original means of storing and retrieving sounds from the Chroma, which shipped with the now-obsolete Radio Shack MC10 Cassette Interface Cable (26-1206).

Windows Interface for Chroma

Mark R. David's [21030170] hardware/software project to provide patch editing for the Chroma on Windows. Mark posted a screen shot of his skinnable client interface. Currently Mark's Web site dedicated to the project is offline; I've offered to host it on this site. See Editors & Librarians: Windows: Windows Interface for Chroma for an index of ChromaTalk posts on the subject.

Other threads of interest: