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ChromaTalk Archives: 2004

Completing its fifth year the list shows no sign of slowing down. Membership edged up slightly, passing 80 members mid-year.

Chroma Expander D.O.A.
A discussion (from May) of problems with Wayne Griffin's [16330111] recently purchased Expander (Wayne was inspired to become a Chroma owner in part by this site) which produced an audible sawtooth sound and harsh upper harmonic, but no activity on the LEDs. This was tracked down to a missing Z4 chip.

ARP "DAC" and Triad

A discussion of an offhand remark from a Web review about ARP "Digital Access Control" and the meaning of the "Triad" term to describe either the 25-pin Chroma interface or, perhaps, a planned clock-doubled MIDI-like serial interface. See ARP Digital Access Control (August).

Other interesting threads: