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ChromaTalk Archives: 2003

There were over 300 postings in 2003 (with more than 100 in December alone, including 68 dedicated to troubleshooting Olli's newly acquired Chroma). Some of the highlights:

Attack Times

David Clarke [21030085++] posts an analysis of envelope attack, decay, and release times. There are plots of the voltage input to the channel VCA along with tables mapping envelope parameter values to times measured in milliseconds. See Attack Times (redux) in the December archive.

Modified Chroma

A spotting, on, of a Chroma with what is presumably the Chroma Cult memory expander modification. These are quite rare. A stock Chroma holds 50 patches, and is boosted to 200 with this mod. Why there are four toggles instead of two, and what the additional knobs are, remains a mystery; the owner of this instrument has not been in touch. See A mod Chroma on (September).

A few others threads of note: