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ChromaTalk Archives: July 2000

Mailing List

Chris Ryan [21030691]

When I moved back home to Canada, I moved the Chroma site to a new ISP. I've been looking for a new home for ChromaTalk, as my ISP doesn't normally provide Majordomo or the like. I haven't had a lot of time to pursue this, but I'm not sure what alternatives exist. The Sirius-based list has been costing me about $30 per month and I want to find an alternative soon. Any suggestions?



Probably selling my Chroma. Read and make offer.

Eirikur Hallgrimsson [21030467+]

Hi, financial problems force sale of stuff from my studio. I'm strongly thinking about selling my Chroma, but it's sort of a complex situation.

The Chroma is in good condition, with the rev. 14 firmware patched with the rev 12 velocity tables (thanks to Dave Clarke), EXCEPT that it has the common power-supply issues that require it to be turned-on, (it crashes) allowed to warm up, and power-cycled in order to get it to boot. This looks to be a problem with the digital 5V line being a bit on the low side, hence warmup fixes it. The trim pot does not solve this problem.

It comes with the road case (I would wrap the Chroma to prevent foam-related problems) and a Chroma Cult interface.

There are a few cosmetic issues, a scratch on the lid trim piece, and a few pinholes on tops of keys (caused I'm told by an errant firework during a performance).

I don't think I have any pedals for it.

So, what should I ask for this beast? I don't have the time for it, and I do need the money.


Fredrik Beckmann

How much do You want?!..

Jerry Leonard [21030100++]

Eric, I may be interested. What is the price and where do you live? Thanks.