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ChromaTalk Archives: November 2002

eBay Items

Chris Ryan [21030691]

A couple of Chroma-related items are currently for auction on eBay.

First is a CEM3360 VCA, item #919936361. Looking back at Dave Clarke's "Voice Board Repairability" post from last January, it looks like a relatively good deal is to be had on this one: current price is US$19.99. "Winning Bidder may add up to 6 additional pieces to this auction of NEW CEM3360 for only $20 each."

Second is a sustain pedal, item #920666380.

David Clarke [21030085++]

Further to Chris' note a few days ago, it seems it must be the time of the year to sell Chroma items.

Here are a few others recently spotted:

Rhodes Chroma (no S/N listed): item 921406801

Rhodes Chroma with KMX Midi (S/N 21030526 - it's in the registry): item 921399564

Here's one of the pictures.

(In one of the pictures, you can actually see a printout from the Chroma Site :-> )

That's a printout of the parameter chart from the site, too.

Currently at $102.50 with a "buy now" price of $1,388.88 (don't snicker - see below)

Rhodes Chroma Expander with JL Cooper Midi : item 921407914

Here are a couple of the pictures. (Copyright Jason Creek. Used by permission.)

The auction is now closed - but this was being sold as by the same fellow as the Chroma directly above - with a "buy now" price of $1,888.88 ... and it looks like someone did bid that!?

Might Richard Hilleman, the owner of S/N 21030800, be the new owner of this one (guess based on the owner's name on Ebay)? If so - Richard, could you provide the details for the Registry?

We've seen this Expander before - if memory serves, this is the one we were discussing in October of 2001: [Chroma expander forensics...]

Rich Hilleman [21030351+]

Sorry, I bought the Expander.

Two Chromas and One expander should be enough, right?

Synthesizer von Gestern

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Finally, after almost four years you can actually hear the Chroma at the site. Matthias Becker very kindly granted permission to make available the two Chroma compositions from his CD 'Synthesizer von Gestern' ("synthesizers of yesterday").

I will be distributing the CD in Canada and the United States; contact me if you're interested in a copy. As you'll hear from the Chroma mp3s, it's excellent quality and showcases the synthesizers very nicely.

Thanks to Erik Vellinga for originally sending sound files from the CD and scans of the booklet.

problems on startup

Ray Hannisian [21030829]

My Chroma, (#21030829), which has worked perfectly for many years, has developed a problem on startup. True, it has been sitting in my studio without being turned on for about 6 months, but....

When powering on, the LEDs flash once at a bright level, then turn dim and oscillate. There is a soft thumping, (not as loud as the actual "thumper" that indicates parameter changes), and no further start up functions take place.

My first thought is that the power supply has finally died. (I was contemplating an power supply upgrade at some point, but it may have to be now instead of later.)

I'll open the case soon and measure some voltages, re-seat voice boards, etc. In the meantime, does anyone recognize these symptoms?


Ray Hannisian

David Clarke [21030085++]

The thumping may indeed be the tapper - but firing very rapidily.

I this problem is persistant (i.e., the keyboard behaves this way every time you try to turn it on and not just upon the first attempt after being off for a while) then it sounds like the main CPU is getting confused.

This could be because it hasn't entirely been reset, isn't seeing the correct voltages (which the reseat/voltage check will take care of) or there's been a component failure.

If the keyboard has just been sitting since the last time it worked, then I'd be less inclined to expect component failure, and more inclined to expect something like leaking batteries (:-<).

If the keyboard has been moved around since last working, then the reseat might be all that is needed (including reseating the connection of the flex cables that connect the CPU board to the IO board.)

Fwd: chroma expander for sale

Chris Ryan [21030691]

The URL wouldn't take me directly to the page in any of my browsers. Do a search for "chroma" ( buying and selling: auctions: search) and you'll find it.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Peter Forrest"
Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:17:24 PM
Subject: chroma expander for sale

Hi Chris,
Not very efficient, this ridiculously short notice! There is a Chroma Expander, not working, for sale in my VEMIA auction. It's from a good source - a huge collector who simply bought too much stuff to use, and who has no technical expertise (or friendly tech near). It finishes tomorrow morning your time (Friday!). The url is [removed] Current price is 505 pounds, which seems cheap at the moment. It's in Italy, but the guy is used to shipping.