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ChromaTalk Archives: December 2007

Maas-Lupp Patches

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Marco Rosano [21010197] has contributed a set of patches he found an old cassette tape that was with his Chroma when he bought it; it is "from two programmers called 'Maas-Lupp'". Marco also wrote a list of program names for the set. New patches have been few and far between recently; thanks Marco!

Syntech Chroma Cult interface on eBay

Bill Lacey

Item 140185344000; picture from the auction:

David Clarke [21030085++]

Looks like it sold, for $299 US.

If Ken Y's data from the Rhodes Chroma site [since removed] is still valid, it looks like a better deal was possible (as the 'new' price is shown as $200 US.)

Chris Ryan [21030691]

I tried e-mailing Ken to confirm, but the account has been closed. So unless anyone has current contact information for him, it looks like the CPU Plus is the only MIDI retrofit for the Chroma currently in production. (That it's the best one ever produced, and Syntech/Chroma Cult compatible, is good news for us!)

Re: Rhodes Chroma Power Supply Repair

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Doug Terrebonne [21030114]

Still sounds outrageous. A new Power One PS can usually be had for under $50 and should take no more than an hour to install...

Dave Bradley [16330135]

It's not just plug and play, you know. You have to build a wiring harness, derive a voltage for the tapper, and build a power up sensing circuit.

Enrico Dibennardo [21030494]

There's someone in Italy who's selling on Ebay (it is more than one year now and i always forgot to point it out) a midi kenton retrofit for the chroma but "without" connectors and manuals. Here's the item number 250025940615 I once purchased from the same people a minimoog kenton midi retrofit in the same condition no cables and no manuals but since I also had a complete kit too it was easy to copy the missing things and install that one as well.

List is Up

Chris Ryan [21030691]

The ChromaTalk list was down for much of yesterday and today, but is now back online. However, my friend had troubles with the set-up at his new place and moved his server back to his old place temporarily. He is getting a new ISP and will try again on Thursday, so the list will be down again for a few hours.

Re: PSU Repair 2 -> Another Thread

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Werner Schöenenberger [21010114]

Hi list,

maybe my 2nd thread was missed somehow due to the movement of the server. So I try a 2nd time. Any ideas will be helpful.

Am 30.11.2007 um 20:25 schrieb Werner Schöenenberger:

Dear all,

the thread about the PSU and my currently work on a defect PSU for a friend of mine brought me up to write a second thread.

I have a strange behaviour of the digital +5V regulation. The digital supply shows about 1.9V. When I investigated the PSU, I found, removing the L6OV6 leads to a +5.06V supply at the digital +5V output. Therefore I assumed a defective L6OV6. A list member kindly sent me a replacement component and today I did the soldering work. Unfortunately the voltage broke down to 1.9V, the PSU started the switching noise and the L6OV6 started to become terribly hot. So I replaced the huge capacitor with another one (same capacity but 16V) ending up with the same result.

Of course I can start to replace the remaining components of the digital voltage supply but I still cannot understand the issue. The L6OV6 should protect the regulation from too high voltage by a defective capacitor. So any ideas why I get the correct voltage without the L6OV6?

Syntech/Chroma Cult MIDI Interface on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Item #330196588705. Starting bid $75, no bids yet, ends December 16.

Picture from the auction:

Fwd: Rhodes Chroma for sale

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Joel Thompson has a Chroma for sale. Contact me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with him.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Joel Thompson"
Subject: Rhodes Chroma for sale


I understand that you are the person to contact about trying to sell a rhodes chroma through Chromatalk. I have a working Chroma, that does need some repairs for sale in NYC, (serial # is 21030393). Your help is greatly appreciated.

Two Chromas on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Item #320198118499, starting bid US$500, no bids yet, ends December 25. Sold from New York. From the description: "Used Rhodes Chroma Serial #21030393, Includes pedal, midi interface, user manual and hard case. This Rhodes needs some work: it powers up, however only 2 of the voices are working. EARS (Expert Audio Repair) NYC diagnosed as 1 days work. Also the case needs to be refoamed. Sold AS IS." One of the pictures shows a Syntech/Chroma Cult MIDI retrofit.

Pictures from the auction:

Item #220184674641, starting bid £875, no bids yet, buy it now price of £1190, ends December 27. Sold from Wiltshire. From the description: "Huge synth. Not working, good project for someone, all parts there (I think). Im not with the synth so can't do extra photos, wicked sound very rare - excellent, reluctant sale. Packed and ready to go. Payment within 24 hrs via palpal only, no cash on collection, no less than 5 feedback unless specific contact details are provided. No swaps. SYNTH IN MERSEYSIDE AREA."

Paul Hackett-Evans [21010094]

The UK one is being offered for sale by "Lord Soyquiensoy", the seller whom we have discussed on the Chroma forum before - he buys synths very cheaply, waits a while, then sells at very inflated prices, pocketing a profit for doing nothing.

See this thread from last December - Polaris on Ebay UK. Caveat Emptor

I wonder if this Chroma is the one he bought, not working, from Ebay for $500 last December, as Rob Belcher noted, (about £230 at the time) and is now asking more than four times that amount as a 'Buy It Now' for a broken synth he says he has no idea about.

Look at his responses to questions on his Polymoog auction, item # 220184115022, to see how unhelpful and sarcastic he is to potential buyers.

Every one of his auctions says "Im not with the synth so can't do extra photos, wicked sound very rare - excellent, reluctant sale."

If he's so reluctant, why does he seem to make it his business to buy and sell lots of instruments at inflated prices regularly for years?

He also often lists his auctions with "Not ridiculous techy questions please, they won't be answered, as won't irrelevant comments from 'analogue experts'." - Is it irrelevant to comment on the quality of the goods, or the business practices of this man wanting to relieve us of our cash in this cynical way? Is he offering value for money?

I'd advise anyone to be very reluctant to buy from his "reluctant" sales. It's not the sound that's "wicked"...

Jesper Ödemark [21010135]

lord S still trying to sell his Chroma

[Item 220187788719]

I don't know what's with the spelling ["THE VÝNTAGE CLASSÝC CHROMA"], I guess he wants to catch teh eye of the Ebay surfers...

This time the starting bid was £649.

Happy new Chroma-year everyone!