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Performance Manual

This manual focuses on Chroma basics and how to set up and play the instrument in a live performance situation. Perhaps a neglected piece of documentation, it covers some of the issues that frequently arise; and includes basic troubleshooting information. A few of the more interesting and useful sections:

There's a chapter on the cassette interface, which in the age of MIDI, sysex, and patch librarians still acts as a basic, workhorse lowest-common-denominator method for getting patches into and out of the Chroma. Many of us use this interface from time to time not with a cassette deck, but with the audio in/out features of our personal computers.

Alternate Audio Hookups describes how to use the four audio outputs for effects send/receive or for stereo effects. The jack is selected parameter 5 in a Chroma program (Output Select). Stereo effects can be created for linked programs. The "dummy plug" supplied with the instrument is used to route the linked program to the second XLR output.

The Performance Controls section covers basic setup and operation. Editing is a good introduction to the (rather complex) process of programming the Chroma, and includes an outline of the Patch parameter configurations, arguably one of the instrument's strongest points.




Performance Controls


Cassette Interface

Alternate Audio Hookups