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Section 0

Service Manual

This section contains the entire Chroma Service Manual complete with large format Schematics and Drawings in PDF format. This is the final 1983 version (as opposed to the 1982 version with ARP schematics). System Overview discusses the overall architecture of the Chroma. Circuit Descriptions contains detailed information on all of the main boards. Disassembly includes diagrams for removal of the cover panel and power supply. Calibration and Checkout and Parts List are self-explanatory. Mnemonics is a reference for abbreviations used throughout the manual.

Thanks to Martin Straw [21010093+] for providing a copy, and David Clarke [21030085++] for reviewing these pages and providing graphics of equations in Circuit Descriptions.


Section 1: System Overview

Section 2: Circuit Descriptions

Section 3: Disassembly

Section 4: Diagnostics

Section 5: Calibration and Checkout

Section 6: Schematics and Drawings

Section 7: Parts List

Section 8: Mnemonics