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Service Notes

CBS/Fender released eight of these occasional notes through 1982 and 1983. They range in topic from purely informational (seminar announcements for fall 1982; a note about a stolen Chroma) to technical. A brief summary of the notes:

SN2-001 - Cassette Load Programs: If you are using a cassette recorder and the Chroma fails to control the motor, check the polarity of the motor leads.

SN2-002 - Seminar: Training sessions in San Francisco and Denver.

SN2-003 - Stolen Chroma!: Information about an instrument stolen in September 1982.

SN2-004 - Signetics Chips: substituted for TI chips in some Chromas, may not function reliably in certain circuits.

SN3-006 - Analog & Autotune: The Auto-Tune functions operate closer to center range when the +5 volt analog supply is adjusted slightly on the high side.

SN3-007 - I/O Strobe Decoder: Unexplained program parameter changes, and spontaneous triggering of the tapper, have been traced to the the I/O Strobe Decoder.

SN3-008 - Primary Fuse: Substitution of higher rated fuses.

Thanks to Christopher Now for providing a few bulletins I was missing.