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Performance Manual: Introduction

Welcome to the world of the Chroma. You have at your fingertips a technologically advanced musical instrument which is extraordinarily expressive, powerful and has incredible expansion capability. You have an instrument which feels right and sounds great; you have the best programmable polyphonic synthesizer available.

The Chroma is computer-based. There are two microprocessors in the Chroma, one of which is used just for the touch responsive keyboard. It is used to measure the precise speed with which keys are depressed and released. This processor is capable of measuring the key speeds to within a thousandth of a second, producing an incredible dynamic range. The second processor is a powerful high-speed component fast enough to digitally generate all of the control signals for the Chroma. The result is an extremely flexible, software-based instrument that can be programmed to perform functions that no hardware-based synthesizer could match.

Owning the Chroma is like having two instruments in one: you have both a preset performance instrument with fifty different sounds available at the touch of a switch, and you have a fully programmable synthesizer. It is not necessary to learn how to program the Chroma in order to play it. As a matter of fact, there are so many possibilities, you might find that attempting to learn how to program could distract you from playing the instrument. Therefore, two reference manuals have been provided with the Chroma. This manual is the Chroma Performance Manual. Within this manual, you will learn all you need to know about playing the Chroma as a live performance instrument. Use the Chroma Programming Manual when you are ready to explore the programming capabilities of the Chroma, and seek out the limits of sound and expression on your own.