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Programming Manual: Sample Program

The following is a step-by-step example of creating a new program. The example given is for a brass chorus sound. You may wish to tailor the program to your own tastes once you have initially set all of the parameter values.

The first step is to clear a program. Press both [EDIT A] and [EDIT B], then press and hold the [PARAMETER SELECT] switch. While holding this switch, press each of the numbered switches (1 through 50). When you play the keyboard, a raw, sawtooth sound should be heard.

Press Set Param Value Explanation
1 Patch 9 This value establishes a four-pole filter response, ideal for brass.
39 Tune 0 Tunes the filters down.
42 Mod 2 Select 2 Selects Envelope 1A to modulate the filter.
43 Mod 2 Depth 19 Sets the depth of filter modulation by the envelope.
40 Mod 1 Select 0 Selects keyboard glide so that the filter can change tuning with pitch.
41 Mod 1 Depth 19 Determines how much the filter tuning will increase as you go up the keyboard, in this case, slightly less than the rate of the Pitch (32 = same as Pitch).
14 Attack 2 Medium fast attack time, Envelope 1.
16 Decay 27 Medium slow decay time.
18 Release 7 Medium fast release rate.
13 Amp Touch 3 Medium touch sensitivity, Envelope 1.
21 Attack 4 Medium fast attack time, Envelope 2.
23 Decay 30 Medium long decay time, Envelope 2.
25 Release 6 Medium fast release.
44 Mod 3 Select 3 Select Envelope 2 to modulate filter.
45 Mod 3 Depth 43 Adds Envelope 2 to filter input resulting in an "ADSR" envelope function.
38 Resonance 1 Sets a small amount of resonance.
27 Mod 1 Select 1 Select Sweep A to modulate pitch (for vibrato).
28 Mod 1 Depth 3 Sets a small amount of pitch modulation.
9 Rate 54 Sets vibrato rate.
8 Mode 1 Sets independent vibrato mode.
12 Ampl Mod 13 Produces a delayed vibrato.
4 Detune 2 Detunes the A and B oscillators.
Note: all switches not mentioned are assumed to be in the "default" state (usually zero). Press and hold [PARAMETER SELECT] and then press the parameter switch to set it to the default value.