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ChromaTalk Archives: September 2002

Kenton MIDI Kit Documentation

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Kenton Electronics produced a MIDI retrofit for the Chroma; it is being discontinued as of the end of 2002, and they kindly sent me their self-install documentation for reference and historical/technical interest. I have posted this along with the user manual [PDF, 12K].

Chroma For Sale on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Serial number 21030404. eBay item #907132551. Currently US$360.55, reserve not met. Ends tomorrow. Excerpt from the blurb:

This is one of the coolest keyboards i have owned. I am not a computer guru so i have had a problem using this bad boy. I have down loaded all kinds of patches off the internet for sounds but i haven't the knowledge to interpret them into the language this guy speaks. I have program some pretty crazy sounds on it. I inputed some stock sounds out of the back of the owners manual too. This synthesizer would be better wielded by someone with more talent than i. hehe, i am gonna stick to my prophet 5. This one was in a pawn shop for roughly 8 years in hawk. i purchased it and many other old synths while i worked there. After using it a few months it pooped out on me. I spent $350 having it fixed by a trusted ET. He enjoyed working on it. A battery leaked on an IC board, though luckily it only hit the etched section of the board and not the chips near. He also updated the capaciter in the power supply. I have included pictures of these sections ya can see the repairs. Since then it has been a good boy. I have the case the pedals and the manuals + the cassette interface cable. If you are near Seattle email me and you can come over and try it out. It is working ATM but must be sold as is due to age.

Looks like it's in good cosmetic condition.

Here are a couple of the pictures.