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ChromaTalk Archives: September 2013

JLCooper ChromaFace on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Item #261277665548, USD$75.00. Ends September 8. Seller writes, "I don't know if it works." See JLCooper ChromaFace MIDI Retrofit for more information.


Jesper Ödemark [21010135]

Another Chromaface on Ebay Germany:

[Item #331001575920]

Ends in 13 hours, no bids, starting bid 99.90 euros.

Picture from eBay:


Chris Ryan [21030691]

I don't recall seeing those buttons on a ChromaFace before.

Michael Röpsch [21030816]

Hi to all!

The seller wrote, that this ChromaFace was modified, so that the DIP-switches (parameter setting) original inside were replaced with the switches you can see. Seems to have some circuit to save params...

Greetings, Michael

Jesper Ödemark [21010135]

Memory bank switches?

David Clarke [21030085++]

Looking at the switches, it looks like they will mechnically latch in their last position (vs. an 'electronic' latch) and so I don't think there's probably any additinal circuitry to remember the parameters.

I would guess that these switches simply replace 4 of the red/white DIP switches illustrated here (and discussed in the ChromaFace manual).

Leon's iPad Editor/David Clarke's Question

Michael McInnis [21030027]

A list post that missed me was David's asking about two way Chroma communication with the iPad editor and CC+ [see Leons Chroma iPad Editor..., August]. I have this working here. As I change programs the iPad editor reflects the current patch. I am using a MIDI Solutions four way merger to blend the editors stream with my main MIDI stream and the Chroma's MIDI output. This necessitates turning local control off on the Chroma so that notes aren't doubled while playing the Chroma's keyboard.

The merger sees the Chroma's output, the iPad's output, and my main MIDI stream. The output goes to a MIDI Solutions thru box to the IPad's MIDI in and the Chroma's MIDI in.

I am lucky to have joined the Chroma party after the creation of the CC+ & editor. It really makes editing a breeze. Though, I imagine I would have learned the numbers of the modulators by heart eventually.

One thing I have noticed is that Chroma boards can show as failing if the instrument is seeing MIDI CC changes while in tuning mode. This gave me a scare the first time it happened.

Also, MIDI CC changes inadvertently being sent from other instruments on the MIDI stream can cause interference.



Michael Röpsch [21030816]

Hi to all!

The seller wrote, that this ChromaFace was modified, so that the DIP-switches (parameter setting) original inside were replaced with the switches you can see. Seems to have some circuit to save params...

Greetings, Michael

Jesper Ödemark [21010135]

Memory bank switches?

David Clarke [21030085++]

... two way Chroma communication with the iPad editor and CC+. I have this working here. As I change programs the iPad editor reflects the current patch...

Michael - by the sounds of it then, the default iPad setup for the editor already is MIDI-in (MIDI CC) aware, and so as long as the Chroma's MIDI out is sent to the iPad, nothing further is really required for the bi-direction behaviour. Is that correct?

Michael McInnis [21030027]

That is correct. Set the relevant CC+ parameters and connect the MIDI cables and it is two way.

My setup is more complex because in addition to this MIDI loop, I want other MIDI devices to be able to speak to the Chroma and sometimes have the Chroma speak to other MIDI devices.



David Clarke [21030085++]

I'm wondering if someone might have the resources and ingenuity to finish Leon's editor now (that he is on to other things) if the permission could be provided to them from Leon and info from the list on what still needs to be added ?

David Clarke [21030085++]

... I'm wondering if someone might have the resources and ingenuity to finish Leon's editor now ...

Isn't it just a matter of downloading the TouchOSC editor from: h e x l e r . n e t | TouchOSC

Downloading the chromaCoremidi.touchosc file from Rhodes Chroma · iPad Editors: TouchOSC iPad Template Modifications by Leon van der Sangen

And making the desired changes to the .touchosc file with the free editor?

Has someone sat down and tabulated what is missing/what would need to be updated/changed to make it complete (or what isn't otherwise present/working with the current version of the editor)?

Leon van der Sangen [21010301]


Great if someone will finnisch my editor. There are about 3 parameters that are not working properly. I can't recall them annymore. I would like to help and if someone likes to change things i can rewrite it. So everyone has my permission to change it. Most important that it helps to contol that great chroma.

Cheers leon

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

FS: Rhodes Chroma w/ new PSU, CC+, PolyAT

Matt V [21030757]

Hi all,

I am selling #21030757 (previously owned by Ben Vehorn on the list).

It's in great condition, with only some minor discoloration on one of the sidecheeks being the only flaw to speak of. Has all available upgrades (PSU, MIDI, CC+, PolyAT), all voice cards have just been recapped, EQ board was just serviced by John Leimseider [21030434++], and DACs are calibrated. Comes with original foot pedal and documentation/CC+ posters.

Some may have seem my emails to the list regarding voice tuning/EQ board issues [No output on mono outs (blown resistor) and general tuning/beating question, June]. The former was just a case of getting the trimmers/DACs calibrated, and the latter problem was totally solved with the service by John. So this beast is now in even better condition than when I first received it.


I can't really imagine shipping this, but I'm willing to meet within a 5 hour drive of Cincinnati (that's Chicago to Nashville basically). I'm also going to be at Knobcon in Chicago (Sept. 13/14) and can bring there if anyone is interested.



Brian Fifield [21030920]

I had no idea about this Knobcon thing, and I live just a few miles away, so thanks for mentioning, Matt. I am going to try and attend at least part of it.


Arp Branded Voice Card Filter Issue

Go to previous messages in thread, August 2013

Michael McInnis [21030027]

On Aug 30, 2013, at 2:27 PM, Phil a wrote:

Hi Michael,

Sorry to reply later than expected, busy times... Anyway, I am not 100% sure yet as my Chroma is covered with other gear and I cannot access that card at the moment but I believe the issue was simply that C43 & C44 were missing on my board as strange as it may seem. I can confirm this in a few weeks. I believe they were 0.1uF capacitors. Just change those by new ones and your problem might be solved.

I had my tech swap those capacitors and they fixed my issue as well. We had to use .147uF to get the clicks to go away.

Thanks for the help.



Philippe [21010227]

Glad to hear that !


Re: 0027 update

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Michael McInnis [21030027]

Just a note to share that all issues with my Chroma have now been fixed. Rob at New England Analog replaced a number of chips and got my last board to work. He also repaired my spare board with the C43 & C44 replacement that Phil had pointed towards.

Thanks all for the help. I am really loving my "new" synth.



Syntech MIDI Interface on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Item #290975462597, USD$199.00. Title says "RARE! NEVER USED!" though the "item specifics" indicates it's used. This is perhaps most notable for the photo of the complete Syntech package, which I don't think I've seen before.


Ken Ypparila [21030229]

The tapes and cable is from the Chroma cassette backup that comes with a Chroma. I used to hand stamp those boxes with a rubber stamp. This was around 1985 I would guess.

Suspicious Chroma listing on Ebay

Jesper Ödemark [21010135]

Anyone recognize this?

[eBay item #390665070991]

I've reported it already, but feel free to do the same. The same seller has other vintage gear at fixed price and wanting to sell off Ebay.

Chris Ryan [21030691]

This listing, or one like it, has popped up repeatedly over the last couple of years. See for example "Suspicious eBay offer," January 2013.

Technician Larry [21030198]

Hmmmm – I get “refurbished laptops” either by clicking the link OR copy and pasting to the address bar. After pasting to the address bar, the text in the address bar immediately changes when I hit the “go” button. Now that seems strange.

Greg Montalbano, Analog Synthesizer Service

As has been noted before on other forums, these listings that specify "do not bid on ebay; contact me directly" are scams. Usually, the scammer borrows someones ebay account that is dormant, and copies a photo and description from a past listing (I've seen the same Prophet 5 rev2 photo and listing -- with my name as the service tech -- show up a dozen times, always with a different "contact me off ebay" email or phone number). The price is always low for a piece of vintage gear; the payment is always by postal money order. Stay away from these listings.

Malte Rogacki [21010091]

No, that's normal for deleted listings. Ebay then redirects to a number of search results thought to be similar to the original item.

Those ebay offers are run from hijacked legit accounts. If you ever catch a live listing (they usually only last a very short time) you'll notice that they always have a graphic inserted with the text and the email address you have to contact for approvement.

I've been watching those fake ads for at least four years now. The typical response back then (haven't tried it recently) went like this:

"I am glad that my item caught your interest, the buy it now price is US $1,700 shipping and insurance included. You will have a 5 day inspection period, so you can return it against a full refund if not satisfied with it by any reason, you will not be responsible for delivery cost if this case apply. I am selling it due financial issues. Transaction will be handled by eBay so we can both be protected. If you are ready for the purchase I just need your full name and delivery address so I can initiate the deal with eBay."

Next thing you'd probably be getting is this:

"Transaction under eBay was started, and accepted by them as well. Please drop a line when you got the eBay invoice! Thanks and awaiting your confirmation! When are you able to complete payment, asking to know how to organize shipment? NOTE: If Western Union agent is asking the reason of the transfer, please don't tell it's for a sale, otherwise the fees will be different, and I will also be charged in UK for internet commerce, and I want to avoid all these, don't want to end up paying their stupid taxes so let them know you are sending to a friend."

This then is followed by a fake mail pretending to come from ebay, guaranteeing everything and giving the Western Union address to send the money to.

This is probably still the same group of scammers as back then though they might have polished their act a little bit. I usually spot those auctions about twice a week (they're very easy to spot once you've seen one of them). Ebay kills them quickly once reported.

Chroma 21030758 on eBay

Chris Ryan [21030691]

Item #200964620551, current bid USD$1580.55, ends tomorrow. 21030758, new to the registry, is another Chroma rescued from the trash at the last minute. From the description: "The instrument is in very good cosmetic condition with some minor wear and scratches. The instrument powers on and the small led lights do light up however that is as far as it goes. Nothing is displayed in the led windows. I also do not have a sound source to test it so I cannot honestly say if it makes any sound. I did remove the cover and everything inside seems to be very clean and original." Also includes a JLCooper ChromaFace.




Chris Ryan [21030691]

Sold for USD$2,000.00.