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Chroma Cult Patch Credits

Ken Ypparila [21030229]

Thanks to Brian McCully [21030361] for providing a copy of this note. I'd been looking for this for years — Chris. To download the patches, see Patch Downloads: Chroma Cult.

The following is an index of the program sets sent in by various Cult members. It's up to you to sort through all of these and find the good sounds. Not all sets are 100% original. There may be factory sounds or slightly modified factory sounds mixed in. "?" means that the author is unknown. These are sets that I've accumulated over the years. Factory sets 4, 5, and 6 [apparently confirmation of the elusive set 6; see Patch Tape on eBay: Factory Sets 4, 5, and ... 6?, April 2006] are there for those who may not have them.

Set Author
FS4 (Mark Smith [2103-PT-002])
FS5 "
FS6 "
CC1 Mark Smith
CC2 Tom ?
CC3 ?
CC4 ?
CC5 ?
CC6 ?
CC7 ?
CC8 ?
CC9 ?
CC10 Ken Ypparila [21030229]
CC11 "
CC12 ?
CC13 Gabriel Katona [Member of the mailing list in the early years; as of 2009 still a Chroma owner—see ChromaTalk: Ten Years.]
CC14 Antoine William
CC15 Garrett Parks
CC16 David Blees [21030552]
CC17 Marco Cardinali
CC18 John Camelot [Was on the list from February 2000 through late 2007 when AOL started rejecting messages from the list; posted once in Mac OS Chroma Utility, August 2001]
CC19 "
CC20 "
CC21 Tom Jordan
CC22 Bruce Sklar [21030660]
CC23 Damase Giguere [21030284]
CC24 Rick Manasa [21030520]
CC25 Brian McCully [21030361]
CC26 Chuck Newell
CC27 Claudius Bruce
CC28 "
CC29 Jared Stewart (1-9); T. Wiseman (10-15); Bill Hecht (16-20)
CC30 Dan Lenard
CC31 Mikail Graham [21030159]