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Chroma Cult Mailing October 2, 1986

Chroma Cult Headquarters
Thousand Oaks, California


Dear Chroma Cultist,

Welcome to the cult. I believe that you are one of the several hundred hard-core and dedicated Chroma owners. Fender sold over one thousand Chromas so I am still waiting to hear from more fanatics. Please pass this letter on to anyone with a Chroma.

The reason for having an official cult is to assemble a Chroma sound library for all of us and also to inform everyone of new Chroma developments (products, modifications, etc.). From your letters I can tell that many of you feel alone out there with no support for your favorite keyboard, especially those who live out in places like Burntmattress Idaho. I hope the cult can supply at least a little relief. The Chroma is a great instrument and deserves our continued support.

I figure most of you are interested in getting more sounds to work with, so here's what we'll do. I'll compile original sounds that all of you send in, and then send them back to you on whatever media you use to send them in on. If you don't have any original sounds to contribute don't worry, you can send in a blank disk or cassette and you can still get the sounds. I'm sure those of you who program won't mind sharing with those who don't. So what you need to do is put together some of your favorite original Chroma programs and mail them to Cult Headquarters. Here are the details:

  1. We should limit the number of sets to one or two to make my job easier. I don't plan to do any major editing so try to send originals only. If you only have a couple sounds, put them at the start of the set and enclose a note saying which are original.
  2. You may send the sounds in any of the following formats:
    • Cassette - Use a data type cassette like the ones Radio Shack sells for computer data. Get a long one.
    • Fender/Apple disk - for those of you who use the Fender Music System for the Apple. Send an extra blank disk. I expect there to be more than one disk's worth.
    If you own the Chroma to MIDI Converter from Syntech, you can send the data in MIDI format using the following programs:
    • Macintosh - Use the Chroma librarian [later part of Galaxy] from Opcode Systems []. If you own a Mac and you don't have this program you should get it immediately. Call Paul de Benedictus [21030105] at Opcode [number removed].
    • IBM, Apple, or Commodore - Use Sys-ex from Key Clique, they advertise in Keyboard magazine. [I couldn't find Key Clique on the Web; see Editors & Librarians: Windows for current alternatives. I wasn't aware that there was software for the Apple II which would allow MIDI sysex communication; and I don't know anything at all about MIDI on the Commodore.]
  3. Please send an extra computer disk no matter what format you use because I'm counting on there being a lot of sounds.
  4. You must send your programs by October 30. Please give me some time after the end of the month to compile and package them, I'll try to get them all returned by the end of November.
  5. Enclose $10.00 to cover shipping and packaging. The sounds are not being sold for profit.

New Products

Chroma to MIDI Converter from Syntech (out of business, now sold through Chroma Cult) - This is the MIDI interface to have. (Easy for me to say.) It lists for $349.95 and is available directly or from Syntech dealers. This MIDI box does just about everything you would ever want to do with MIDI and the Chroma. There are sixteen programmable MIDI functions which are remembered by the Chroma. It also works with the Fender/Apple System. Syntech's number is [removed].

Macintosh Patch Librarian for the Chroma from Opcode [later integrated into Galaxy] - This librarian is designed specifically for the Chroma. They also make a real nice sequencer. Opcode's number is [removed].

Memory expander for the Chroma - This modification will expand your program storage to 200 sounds accessible as four banks of 50. The banks are selected with two toggle switches that you mount on the right cheek block of the Chroma or on the back panel of the Expander. Anyone who has done studio work for a client who wants to hear a lot of sounds in a hurry can appreciate this mod. Price is $200.00 and is available now, directly from Chroma Cult Headquarters. Send check or M.O. payable to Chroma Cult. Shipping is included in the price. Please specify if for Expander.

Here is a picture of the modification installed inside the Chroma. Thanks to Dave Bradley [16330135] for this picture.

See the FAQ for pointers to external pictures of the modification. See also the registry entry for 21030229 for a close-up of the toggle switches.

Pressure mod - A proto-type has been completed, a production model will be soon to follow. The mod gives you independent pressure control for each key. The feel of the keyboard isn't affected at all by the addition of the sensors. Cult members will be notified when it's ready to sell. Price will be $300.00.

Breath Controller Mod - This allows you to plug the Yamaha breath controller into the Chroma. It appears to the Chroma as the effects pedal. It gives you much better control than a foot pedal and gets you high while you play. Price is $50.00 from Chroma Cult.

Minister of Information
Chroma Cult