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Field Change Notice FCN2-002

August 12, 1982

Effectivity: Chroma, Model 2103, Serial Numbers 0011 through 0106, 0108 through 0113, 0116, 0121, 0125, 0132, 0138, 0139, 0141, 0149, 0150, 0151.

Reason for Change: To reduce noise on the 2MHz clock line thereby improving cassette load operations.

Material Required:

Parts Kit: Order KFC2-002.


Cut trace and install an 82 Ohm resistor, R46, between P9-15 and junction of Z7-5 and Z10-1 on the CPU Board. Install a 50PF capacitor, C31, between Z10-11 and ground on the I/O Board. Note: since Pin 3 is common to Pin 11 and Pin 7 is common to ground, you may want to simply "tack" the capacitor between Pins 3 and 7 of Z10.

Bill Thomas
Rhodes Chroma National Service Manager